There are lots of businesses that have a commercial coffee machine on the premises in addition to cafes and restaurants.  In fact, there is a high demand for commercial coffee machines for hospitality, to offer staff the best facilities and to make guests feel relaxed and comfortable.  So regardless of your business type, how do you choose the right commercial coffee machine?

Machine size

The first consideration is the machine size and this is dictated by three factors – how much coffee you need, how much space you have for the machine and how much you have to spend on it.  Most commercial coffee machines come in either two, three or four group heads which can provide four, six or eight drinks at a time.  The more group heads you have, the bigger the machine and the more space it requires.

Most machines also have a cup classification that allows you to see a recommended daily output.  This might be 150 cups, 150-250 cups or 250 plus cups.  This allows you to judge how many cups a day you will likely require and buy a machine that matches.  For example, if you have an office business or a small café that doesn’t serve a lot of coffee, then a 150 cups level machine may be suitable.

Type of coffee machine

After size and capacity, you may want to consider the type of coffee machine you require.  There are three main categories – bean-to-cup machines, traditional espresso machines and soluble instant coffee machines.

Bean to cup coffee machines are easy to use and create coffee with the touch of a single button using fresh milk and beans.  These require very little training to use and have the ability to select the different type of drink.  They are popular for locations where coffee isn’t the main business such as offices.

Traditional espresso machines are used to make espresso coffee by forcing steam through finely ground coffee that has been made in a coffee grinder.  There are different sizes available with a group 1 handling around 150 cups a day.  They require more work to produce coffee as milk is added separated but offer a better quality coffee, ideal for businesses such as cafes and bars.

Soluble instant coffee machines are single push button machines that have canisters inside – vending machines for coffee.  They offer a quick product usually with different options such as hot chocolate and cappuccino but the quality of the drink is questionable so are often placed in convenience stores and garages.

Other considerations

There are some other considerations to use when purchasing a coffee machine.  For example, is there a service agreement with the product that means you will have a warranty period if anything goes wrong?  Also, does the provider offer service agreements to help maintain the equipment in the long term?

You should also look at how easy it is to clean and maintain the equipment and see who would be responsible for this.  For example, if a building cleaning service would be required to do it, is the task easy enough or will it be time-consuming?  These factors can assist in making the right choice.