The 2017 London Coffee Festival brought us big names from the world of coffee all under one roof showing some excellent evidence on how adaptable and innovative the world of coffee is.

The festival offered up some fantastic tips for testing the right mix of chocolate and coffee to get the perfect blend to tantalise the taste buds with the help of Hotel Chocolat.

It demonstrated the science and specificity behind creating an inspiring Irishy Coffee with Merchant House. They quickly showed the best hand chosen coffees and whiskeys to really test out the blends.

These were just two of hundreds of stands all with their own unique attributes, all of whom work with coffee in different ways and have their very own styles. It really is inspiring to see such a passionate group of people still working so hard to ensure coffee is used to its full potential in our lives.

The show is an excellent example in adaptation, perhaps explaining why coffee has such a huge impact on our culture and why it remains at the top of the highest selling commodities list time after time.