Hello and welcome from the Sandino Brothers.

We are just a couple of coffee loving brothers who talk and write about all things coffee related. Sandino Brothers Coffee is our way of reaching out to other coffee lovers out there and sharing our coffee experiences with you. We will be using the site to provide you with brew news, reviews, stories and advice that can help you discover and make the perfect coffee for you. It should provide you with enough inspiration for making amazingly tempting coffee in the comfort of your own home, great tips for selecting the very best quality coffee beans and brands as well as fab advice for choosing the right coffee machines and brewing equipment when you are on the go too.

Hopefully you will enjoy your time with us and might even want to get in touch so we have provided the handy little form below for you to catch us with…

Thanks for popping in!

Jack and Chris

(aka: the Sandino Brothers)

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